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Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.


Chelsea Coon
b. United States. Lives and works in Melbourne

allegiance (2020)
Performance for video. Digital. Color. Sound.
Duration: 19 minutes.

Video documentation (select):
6 video grabs - x20 speed
Duration: 58 seconds

I hit my body with blinding fluorescent light and repeatedly raised a red tinsel cheerleader pom-pom in the air as I stood in front of six posters with reflective safety tape quotes spoken by President Donald Trump during the coronavirus pandemic to explore the emotional and physical ramifications of these statements on the American population.

I alternated between gestures of allegiance by extending my arm out horizontally, punching my fist into my chest and back out into the air, as well as folding as I forcefully punched my right hand with pom-pom into my open left hand. I repeated these actions for as long as I could endure under the conditions.

Select documentation of this work were presented across social media platforms of Instagram, TikTok and Facebook from 25-31 May 2020, where I engaged in audience responses of support as well as backlash from the alt-right including harassment and repeated censorship reports. These reports suspended the videos while the platforms reviewed my content for obscenity. I submitted appeals and won all my censorship cases.

Courtesy of the artist.

This performance was developed April-May 2020, filmed in full 22-May 2020, and presented online 25-31 May 2020 for Dual Existence, curated by Kate Stodart.

Supported by the City of Melbourne COVID-19 Arts Grants