12 artists
12 weeks

Cal Harper
Sean Miles
Daniel R. Marks

Georgia Banks
Chelsea Coon
Kieran Butler
Sïan Kelly
Amy Claire Mills & Bailee Lobb
Holly Durant
Saint Jorge
Sha Sarwari
Zoë Bastin


Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.


Formating note:  You can move the images by clicking and dragging them to a new place.

Day one
Collaborator: Melanie Lane

The creation of a hole through which another reality might emerge

Centring the pleasure of disorientation and meditating on the delirium of estrangement as a possible generative desire

Day two
Collaborator: Jenni Large

〰️Amassed build up〰️

〰️Pink waves are silking〰️

〰️My lips surrounded〰️

Day three
Collaborators: Jonathan Homsey and Kathleen Campone

Affective Atmospheres

Day four
Collaborator: James Andrews

“The live is, arguably, no longer understood as a radical or urgent quality, but more as a medium description that is at the centre of a constellation of formats” -Catherine Wood

Digital archives as choreographic material

Dancing with digital ethnographies

Day five
Collaborators: Rebecca Jensen and Lilian Steiner

Movement from Interior Thought to External Signification after Carolee Schneemann

Day six
Collaborator: Ngioka Bunda-Heath

Supported by the City of Melbourne COVID-19 Arts Grants